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John C. Iannone • President/CEO
NorthStar Production Studios, LLC

John C. Iannone is a Christian writer, lecturer and filmmaker who has studied the Holy Shroud of Turin for over 39 years. He has met with and interviewed members of the STURP Team (The Shroud of Turin Project) on the science and history of the Shroud. In 1998 he was invited by Cardinal Giovanni Saldarini (then Shroud Custodian) to closely view the Shroud with colleagues for an extended period. He published 3 books on the Holy Shroud including his most recent work The Mystery of the Shroud of Turin: The Case for Authenticity (2013) and done over 260 lectures at Churches of all denominations around the US, Canada and Rome.

He is also author of The Star of Bethlehem: The New Evidence and A Glimpse of Heaven: The Near-Death Experience In Science, Medicine and Religion (see Bookstore Heading).

Having earned an MA at the Catholic University in Washington in Religious Studies, he did additional academic work at Fordham University Dept. of Theology; Union Theological Seminary, and Columbia University in NY. Mr. Iannone has done many radio broadcasts including a program on Vatican Radio as well as television programs on PBS and EWTN on the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin.

He received his film training with courses at the New York Film Academy held at Disney World in Orlando, Florida and Hollywood Film Institute in Los Angeles. Further, he did an additional seminar with John Truby (Anatomy of a Story) in NYC in 2012. Mr. Iannone earned his Professional Screenwriting Alumni (PSA) status from ScreenwritingU in Los Angeles. He completed a screenplay entitled The Shroud Conspiracy and is currently in the process of bring the story as a feature film to theaters (estimated 2018).

He is currently President/CEO of NorthStar Productions Studios, LLC in Orlando, Florida. His contact is:

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